Live While You Are Alive

Live while you are alive!

Never wait for a better moment,
There might never be any.
For this is the best time,
To enjoy the droplets,
While anticipating the mighty ocean.
Savor the steps to greatness.

Waiting for a better future?
It never comes.
Because when you get your desires,
It goes with the wind to become history,
As the days slip by, it degenerates into good,
Then you need a new better for a wind of change.

Wants are insatiable!
Relish what you have,
Don’t just keep chasing,
Take a break to relax.
Soak yourself in the beauty of the present,
Create your happiness out of it.

While chasing the “ideal future”,
Live in the moment,
Enjoy life as it comes,
Nothing ever satisfies except you make it,
Don’t wait till you have no choice,
Than to accept death as the only satisfying end.

Live while you are alive!

My Grieve

My heart feels so tight,
My breathe seems constricted,
Not of cardiac arrest,
But the despair of your absence is restricting my airflows .

I feel so bereaved,
No strength, no vibes,
All is lost, but your absence made it worst,
I lie low in my agony!

Why now, why not later?
You left even without a goodbye?
Tell me, how do I cope?

Your loss made me lost,
Left me messed up mentally, deranged physically.
I’m as dead as the anatomist handwork,
Nothing left, just the carcass.

I walk around like a shadow,
Looking for where to find solace,
Definitely not in my sleep, for that only give me haunting dreams.

Don’t make me a zombie or a walking dead,
Bring an end to my misery,
For this anguish is too much to bear!

Make my grief come to an end,
For what is life without you?

Make me find you, yet again!

Longing Desire

If Bambi could rewrite story,
I’ll prefer a reincarnation for Romeo,
Rising in his shining armor of Shakespeare’s glory,
And at the expense of cupid’s ratio.

But if the story could not be rewritten
An amendment can be made
To that of love that can’t be bitten
Just with the foundation perfectly laid.

Then, I’ll wreck titanic to make eagle swim,
I’ll wine and dine with a troll on exile just to win.
I’ll savor the the meal prepared by death, and
To it’s sting I’ll place my sacrifice of fate,
For this story must end not on a wrong fate.

A cluster of wishes tabled before the creator,
But the gods even wishes to be with the bigger G,
These burning, longing desires should be fed to
The aesthetics of acceptance and contentment.

*(A duet written by 👑King Justice⚖ & Bambiwrites)*

Body Shaming

At the verge of mental disorder and depression,
With no esteem left but shames, hatred and self-rejection,
All I can do is put the blames on the one in charge of creation.
Yes, He is the cause of my perdition!

Why create me just straight with no physical attributes as well?
Why make me an albino, despised and discriminated against by all?

Oh, look at Debbie, she has the right skin tone with figure eight and nothing to hate,
Just a sneak peek at Ajoke, you’d see her glows and physical embodiments from far off
Yet, all I have to myself is a dashboard ass and lime shaped breast, with a skin color that is displeasing to the eyes.

I became a joke to all, an object of ridicule to friends while they paint it with care,
I did not want to come out sensitive, so I laughed it off,
But every laughter washed away my self-esteem.
The words I hear daily broke me, I hated myself for coming to the world this way.

The words, the jokes, the shames and diss left my guts daunted,
I became a sore to my own very eyes, as a look at the mirror left me haunted,
Yet, I’d rather keep mute than talk and be taunted.

Daily I got broken and shamed on what I have no control over,
Till I was on the verge of death and learnt to love myself,
Accept my qualities and uniqueness,
Yes, I have no curves and melanin in me, but I’m a spec to my taste.

Every shape, height and colors are a unique feature,
My peculiarities are my royalties,
I’ve learnt to carry my body with pride,
Your attempts to shame are now seen as words of envy.

My Vows

These are beyond letters or words,
They are beyond the things you hear,
This is what I want to live my life to express.

My vows to you are not of convenience,
But from the deep parts of me that could struggle,
Believe me with all your conscience,
For this I know I want to live for, the very course I want to see through.

While I breathe and I’m alive,
To please you is my desire, to honour you is my will,
To hold is my comfort, to cherish is my plight,
It is you I commit my existence to please.

This is not about your shape or face,
It goes beyond the jingling beads on your waist,
I won’t focus on them and let your heart go to waste,
For that is my beauty space

Forget the words, forget the rhymes
Forget the lullabies, think not of the rhythms,
As for the song, ignore the beats,
Focus on every meaning and my intention behind this.

My vows to you are not mere words,
They are chosen after checking the pros and cons,
And I’m convinced it’s you I’m made for,
It’s you I want, no more, no less!


It’s with confidence,
That I hope for the future,
Not for present realities,
But optimistic expectations.

For I watch positively,
I prepare vigorously,
Strategizing with ultimate competency,
I expect the best affirmatively.

I seek, I find, I execute,
All my winning strategies,
Nothing lays me back,
For my fears are now behind me.

Each day with a new hope,
Taking me out of my hole,
To make my being and soul,
Prepared for a greater tomorrow.

My hope is strong,
My expectation is high,
My dream is fulfilled,
My future is bright.


Death, they say is when your soul departs,
But let’s tweak that a little ,
To know what death really is.

Death is not the departure of a soul,
Nor an eternal slumber,
No, it’s not the forever goodbyes,
That warrant tears at the graveside.

Death is what happens while you live,
When the breathe is still there,
With The sight still spot on,
And the ears tickles.

Death is a life with no purpose,
No headways, No directions,
No aims, no ambitions,
Master of none, Jack of all,
Yet, no desired liberation.

Death is more than an eternal sleep,
It starts from the ones that live,
And worse from the hale,
For a resting soul is better than a living dead.

This is LOVE

When we complement each other,
It is love,
When we lift each other,
It is love,
When we support each other,
It is love

Love is not of two wandering hearts in self prison
Lost souls soaked in the depth of irritation
With no mission, living an entire life of separation
Looking for who to take up their frustration.

You have the strength, love gives the energy,
It is not a charity contract,
It complements what you have,not create what you lack.

Love cares, love is concerned,
Yet, it is but for the ready ones,
The whole at heart, and not the liabilities,
For that makes it a force of two champions.

In the name of love,
Don’t be a weakling,
Don’t be a burden,
Don’t be a liability
Don’t be a broken soul,
Don’t expect them do for you, what you can’t do for yourself.

Love is not a magic,
Forget the butterflies we read about,
It is a deliberate action of whole souls,
Healthy at heart coming together,
Lifting hands ready to help,
And ride on each other’s wings.

This is love!

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Liberation From Shackles

Held down in shackles,
I was left to cackle,
Like a hen held by its ankles,
With no free movement.
Not for being handicapped,
But of fear, fear of the known,
Possibility of death out there,
By those who don’t give a care!

For despite not troubling you,
And getting used to your uselessness,
I gave myself a pseudo sense of lead,
With a false paint of satisfaction,
You were still not percified,
That which matters a lot to me the most,
Is one you desire to rip off me and boast,
Your wish was to turn my life to a host of ghost.
Threatening nothing will happen.

You will to take my life,
Like a strayed Christmas goat,
Because you are a bullet triggered Buffon.

But unexpectedly, I gained my voice,
I gained my strength and knew my right,
I revolted against you to fight for my freedom.

You got triggered and pissed,
And forced me to an oppressed conquest,
The reset button was set,
But this time is different,
For despite my repression, I saw through your weakness,
Which got my strength rekindled,
And gave me hope of liberation.

My silence is not defeat,
My retreat is not giving up,
It’s to relaunch stronger,
And emerge the winner I’ve always been,
To give myself a deserved freedom.


In a world of loneliness,
Where everyone roam like a lioness,
Looking for how to prove her prowess,
Stranded in the world’s wilderness,
In a state of indecisiveness.

With nothing to the left and right,
But empty vacuum and fury,
Blurred from happiness and joy,
And just a string of survival,
On a lone journey.

Then, to live comes with determination,
For only the strong survives the detention,
Of life and its rejection,
As we live in anticipation,
Yet, nothing but life in our possession.

I blend to my background,
Till I fade away,
Here I am sulking in silence,
Drown in my self thought,
For all I have is myself.

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