We all come, we all go,
It’s just a market place with goods to forgo,
Pricing and spending life at the porter’s wheel.
Where everyone comes and leaves with(out) will.

For a season that can be snatched,
For a life that can be taken,
For a career that can be destroyed,
For all good things that end,

Humans do too much to hoard it all,
Clinging to what we have no control over,
Envying our co-buyer,
One who should be an ally.

For what is not guaranteed,
We do too much plannings and deeds,
For what our permission is not needed to be taken,
We act like Lords over it but laid with burden.

Why not take it a step at time?
Why not follow the ticking of the clock?
Take time to catch a breather,
Reflect to see if it’s worth the hate and stress.

I Love You

I’m in a world of my own,
Left to tend my broken heart and loneliness,
Only in existence, just to myself, mending the-
Vacuum you left,
Eaten deeply with the loud silence of your voice,
You exist still in my heart,
Oh, how my soul yearns for you!
Unfortunately, you are off my grip.

All I mean to tell you is the first letter of each line-



Scars, they say, are ugly,
It’s an uneven skin of the body,
A remembrance of bad occurrence you embody,
One you should hide forever because it’s bloody.

Scars, I say, are beautiful.
They remind you of your strength,
For that which could have killed you,
Has made you stronger.

Scars are a pointer to your days of struggle,
Ones you’ve lived and outgrown,
For out of the pit of darkness-
Where you were held down in death, you’ve been saved.

Scars tell of your fearful days,
That you have come to conquer,
Overcame and victorious,
Still standing, still breathing.

Scars come with no regrets!
Nothing to be ashamed of,
Nothing to hide
Nothing to reject- yes, accept them with pride.

Scars should remind you of the warrior in you,
The fighter, the inner “indaboski”
For you are a victor and a champion
These exactly, are the symbols of scars!

Anchor of Faith

In the darkest of days
When things go by in a haste,
No promising outcomes
As all look dusty and rusty.

When efforts are not rewarding,
Truthfulness is hated.
Hardwork looks like child’s play (one with no profit),
Fulfillment feels like fairytale, a dream-like expectation.

In the days of neglect,
When everything seems blurry,
Dark like a bottomless pit,
When reality hurts and success looks far-fetched.

When nothing looks rosy
Gloom is the order of the day.
When sleep seems comforting
And death appears the soul escape route.

In the forlorn hours,
When midlife crisis hits,
Everything looks rough,
Living becomes a rollercoaster of madness.

When poverty looks inevitable,
And there is no future,
When the light at the tunnel’s end is dead,
I’m left in shambles.

In all of these negativities
All I choose to do is believe,
Holding on tight to the promises,
Though with the last straw of my strength and life.

I keep grinding, while I keep my faith,
Knowing if not now, maybe later,
Universe will succumb, stars will align,
And will all definitely dance to my favor.

Destitute of Love

Hey, stray pet
I’m sure you have the world at your feet,
And you feed the pretties from your palm,
While you enjoy the sweetness of their fingertips,
Deep down in you, in your throat losting away.

But here I am,
Trying so hard to forget you,
To forget the beautiful sweet memories,
The wonderland you took me to,
When I had you in me, in my life, I mean.
…now haunting memories…

For you came and distilled my settled mind,
Set my peaceful sole racing,
You enflamed my iced heart,
And got it burning wildly for you.

Just when I got to my peak,
You left me hanging,
Leaving my soul yawning for the love you tested me with,
My heart hungry for the comfort of your bosom.

I placed you high,
And made you my Alpha,
But you decided to be my omega-you became the end of me.
Just when I prepared you my alter of love,
You tore it down with no mercy.
Before I knew it,
You jerked off and left me in the shark-cools of pain,
All alone with no one to ease me off.

You learnt my tactics and tricks,
Earned my trust and knew my defenses,
Then when my guards were down,
You girded up, broke me,
Left me defenseless.

You took the key to my heart and locked me out,
I became homeless, stranded with no heart to call mine,
Here I am on a lone journey, with no love to be mine,
Living a reckless life while they say I belong to the streets.

You left me destitute,
An orphan of love,
Turned deaf ear to my pleas,
Without returning my inherited warmth.
Now, I’m stranded of affection,
Starved of love.

How I long to be booed up,
Maybe with you again,
For my heart remembers you always.

From a Starved Sole:

Wish I could tear myself apart,
And maybe pave a rosy path,
Just to make way to your heart,
To make you mine and call you sweetheart,
Holding you tight and saved in my cart,
For you to be my work of art,
Pleasing you with my platter of tart,
While we dance to songs by Mozart.

My soul lungs for you,
You leave me breathless,
I won’t mind being your beauty fool,
‘Cause right now, and here,
You are all that make sense.
Let my beauty draw your heart,
Together, we could be fine art

My feelings bottled up,
Threaten to crack up like broken chords,
Yet to be stringed,
Only to be harmonized by you and I.

All I’m saying is for you,
To dim me feat for your love,
Heed to my pleas and not my piss,
Take me to your soul and make me the sole,
The only sole heir to your peace.

Victory in Fear

In the middle of nowhere,
Not even of the east,
Overwhelmed with a sense of loss,
Despite always wanting this,
I never anticipated the challenges it brings along,
Intertwined like a kernel enclosed in its cloves,

My instinct made a U-turn,
In a bid to hurriedly turn back,
Back to where I came.
But my dreams won’t allow me,
My brain triggered me,
The thoughts that want to become realities,
The ideas fighting to be physical,
All made a block on my way back,
Then I had no choice but to move forward.

Looking back became a taboo,
Else I’d become Lot’s wife.
Going back is a NO,
For the thought of living in past glories,
Without conquering new fears,
Seeing myself as a yesteryear warrior-
That is the last I’d want for myself

Then I took my sword and arrow,
My loins and gird,
Like a soldier set for the war front,
Ready to conquer my enemies.

The fears came,
I got overwhelmed,
Self-doubt set in,
Challenges made me fidget,
But even Alexander the Great wasn’t born a warrior.

No champion is made by quitting,
I go again and again,
No matter how many times I fail.

These became my anchor,
The guiding light to my feet,
Geared and made me fit,
And just when I thought a finger I couldn’t lift,
I bore it all and made it a new feat!

Strengthened by my weakness,
My fear became my courage.

Misery in Joy

“congratulations” they say,
“Bundle of joy” we call it…

O the sounds we hear at the arrival of a new born!
Shouts of joy and rejoicing,
For the day a child is born signals happiness.
It’s a day filled with laughter and cacklings,
Like the sounds of men seated in a beer parlor.

A new beginning,
Joy here and there
For with new birth comes the opening of heavens,
It’s a bright moment, just like the rising of the sun.

Rejoice, o world, we say!
A gift is given, a bundle of joy delivered.
A gift? Yes, one wrapped in heaven, unwrapped on earth to be delivered back again to heaven.
A gift given by creation to be snatched by nature.
One with doom registered for the future-
The coming that leads to a compulsory departure,
We celebrate life and ignore the death in the picture.

The day a child is born,
It’s one of an impending sadness,
A disaster waiting to occur,
For it signals a compulsory leave,
What is given now is bound to be snatched,
No bargains, no say!

The difference is time,
The tick marking the tock talks of the end,
A minute here, hour there, months of works and accomplished years,
All lead to a second of demise,
We came to go,
Live to leave
We exist to exit.

It’s never a forever deal here,
The joy signals sadness.

Live While You Are Alive

Live while you are alive!

Never wait for a better moment,
There might never be any.
For this is the best time,
To enjoy the droplets,
While anticipating the mighty ocean.
Savor the steps to greatness.

Waiting for a better future?
It never comes.
Because when you get your desires,
It goes with the wind to become history,
As the days slip by, it degenerates into good,
Then you need a new better for a wind of change.

Wants are insatiable!
Relish what you have,
Don’t just keep chasing,
Take a break to relax.
Soak yourself in the beauty of the present,
Create your happiness out of it.

While chasing the “ideal future”,
Live in the moment,
Enjoy life as it comes,
Nothing ever satisfies except you make it,
Don’t wait till you have no choice,
Than to accept death as the only satisfying end.

Live while you are alive!

My Grieve

My heart feels so tight,
My breathe seems constricted,
Not of cardiac arrest,
But the despair of your absence is restricting my airflows .

I feel so bereaved,
No strength, no vibes,
All is lost, but your absence made it worst,
I lie low in my agony!

Why now, why not later?
You left even without a goodbye?
Tell me, how do I cope?

Your loss made me lost,
Left me messed up mentally, deranged physically.
I’m as dead as the anatomist handwork,
Nothing left, just the carcass.

I walk around like a shadow,
Looking for where to find solace,
Definitely not in my sleep, for that only give me haunting dreams.

Don’t make me a zombie or a walking dead,
Bring an end to my misery,
For this anguish is too much to bear!

Make my grief come to an end,
For what is life without you?

Make me find you, yet again!